Spicy Power Turkey Sandwich With Avocado Spread

The Spicy Power Turkey Sandwich - perfect recipe to eat while taking the Fed Up Challenge. No sugar or white carbs.

This is not an ordinary boring outdated turkey sandwich. No. It's got charisma. Pizzazz. If this sandwich had hands, they would be wiggling finger jazz hands. I don't know. Just go with it. It's the perfect lunch if you're on a sugar free diet or doing the Fed Up Challenge, which I was. I might still be doing it if it weren't for the hubby's birthday extravaganza. Birthday = sugar. (I ... [ Read More ]

Spicy Chicken Fried Rice

Spicy Chicken Fried Rice - better than takeout! No wok needed - also sugar free and a great recipe for the Fed Up Challenge

Let's be dramatic. I'm starving. I'm so hungry, I'm going to pass out. I'm dying of starvation. If I don't eat cake soon, I will die. These are things I've actually said or thought in the last 2 days. My sugar withdrawals have kicked into high gear and, although I know it will pass, I've gone mad. MAD I tell you! ... [ Read More ]

Day 2 of the Sugar Free Challenge

Day 2 of the Sugar Free Challenge #fedupchallenge #sugarfree

Hi there challenge peeps! Just a quick check-in to see how you're doing on Day 2 of our Sugar Free Challenge. (For those of you not doing the challenge and don't care about this sugar free stuff, feel free to mosey on outta here or better yet, stay and check out some of my favorite recipes like Marinated Vegetable Salad or to-die-for Brie Pasta.) So far I'm feeling good and more alert. For ... [ Read More ]

Sugar Free Diet Tips For The Fed Up Challenge

Sugar Free Diet Tips for the 10 Day Fed Up Challenge

Today will be a quick post with some sugar free diet tips as we get ready for our 10 Day Fed Up Challenge. Are you ready for Monday?? The challenge starts April 20. I'll make it short and sweet. (not sugary sweet) (although sugar is tempting) (no, don't think about it) (come on, willpower) (you can do it) (where was I?) Right. Sugar free diet tips coming right up... 1. Drink water. Your ... [ Read More ]

Kiwi Lime Ice Cream

Kiwi Lime Ice Cream - so refreshing! Also a great soft serve ice cream recipe.

It's so typical of me to tempt you with a kiwi lime ice cream recipe right before we start our 10-Day Fed Up Challenge. But that's how I roll. Always walking the line of rebellion. Quick lime ice cream story: I was lavishly dining with some girlfriends (and by lavishly I mean I actually changed out of my sweats and left the comfort of my home) and there on the dessert menu was kiwi lime ... [ Read More ]

10 Day Fed Up Challenge – Round 2

10 Day Fed Up Challenge - Let's do this! No Added Sugar Challenge

Last summer here at The Kitchen Snob, we hosted our first 10 Day Fed Up Challenge and the results were pretty impressive end educational. Who wudda thunk I could lern sometin. Let's have another round! Who's up for another no added sugar challenge? The top button of my pants are screaming, "Me! Me! Me!" The rest of me can't really answer with a mouth full of buttercream frosting. Just ... [ Read More ]

10 Spring Recipes You Need To Make Right Now

10 Spring Recipes You Need To Make Right Now

It's spring!!!! California peeps that I'm jealous of: You probably don't use exclamation points when talking about spring because you've been living in glorious weather all year round so you're all "big deal" and "it's January, dude, let's go surfing". Doesn't everybody in CA say "dude" and surf? I admit, I said an occasional dude when I lived in Southern California heaven and never ... [ Read More ]

Smashed Potatoes With Jalapeno Lime Aioli

Smashed Potatoes with Jalapeno Lime Aioli - this recipe has so much flavor!

Let's let out a big sigh of relief that it's Wednesday, my food-loving friends! Because this weekend, you're gonna want to whip up these punch-you-in-your-face morsels of flavor. I'm serious, you guys. These Smashed Potatoes are going to PUMP YOU up. And for those brutes out there, have fun smashing these little bambinos. Would it be wrong if I just slurped up this Jalapeno Lime Aioli ... [ Read More ]

Secret Ingredient Scrambled Eggs

Secret Ingredient Scrambled Eggs - no more boring eggs!

I don't know about you, but I like some flavuh in my scrambled eggs. Notice I didn't say flavor. Flavuh = flavor x 10. Salt and pepper? B O R I N G Now you may be asking why you'd want to make a scrambled eggs recipe with more ingredients when all you want to do is crawl back under the covers and sneak another episode of Breaking Bad while you munch on a cinnamon scone from ... [ Read More ]

Pretty Dishes & Food Blogging Props

Pretty Dishes & Food Blogging Props by The Kitchen Snob

I'm always a sucker for a pretty dish. Antique stores, flea markets, unique boutiques, and Home Goods are like oxygen to me. Why do I need this blue hobnail glass set? Don't ask me questions like that. Just know that I do and we'll be friends. I think I get this obsession from my mom. She's obsessed with sparkly glass. We'll be antique shopping and she'll find 10 different (but very ... [ Read More ]