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5 Things I Learned While On A Sugar Free Diet

5 Things I Learned While On A Sugar Free Diet - thekitchensnob.com #sugarfree #fedupchallenge

I'm back on the sugar train and it's a bumpy ride. To my surprise, I didn't down 2 candy bars and 4 cupcakes immediately following the last day of my sugar free diet. I introduced sugar back into my diet s l o w l y. I was afraid I might feel sick if I overdid it. And I was sort of right. ... [ Read More ]

Send Chocolate, Bread, or Die – Day 8 of the Fed Up Challenge

Follow me on the #FedUpChallenge! Day 8 of the Fed Up Challenge - #thekitchensnob.com #sugarfree

It's Day 8 of the Fed Up Challenge, a challenge in which it was my own decision not to eat any added sugar for 10 whole dang days. I also decided, without being forced at gunpoint, to not eat any white starches (flour, rice, and potatoes) and now, that I'm 8 days in, I'm wondering what in the heck I was thinking. It's true that after my rough start, I've been feeling pretty good the last 6 ... [ Read More ]

Eating Clean Makes Me Feel Like A Machine

Eating Clean During #fedupchallenge with thekitchensnob.com #sugarfree #eatingclean

That's what the cool kids call eating organic foods with no refined sugars, refined flours, or chemicals - eating clean. And I feel really hip and healthy for saying that. It's like I'm part of an elite club. You know, those athletic types that walk around in cute color coordinated yoga attire carrying their fancy water bottles? That's what I look like in my head as I eat sprouted wheat bread and ... [ Read More ]

Day 3 of the No Sugar Diet

Day 3 of the No Sugar Diet - thekitchensnob.com #sugarfree #fedupchallenge

I don't know about you, but for me, the last 2 days have been much easier. This no sugar diet is a piece o' cake. Oh sorry. Don't think about cake. Sure, I want to gag on every bite of unsweetened plain Greek yogurt and if I see another strawberry I'm going to run screaming into the hills. But here is what's interesting to me: I'm really not craving sweets. I'm surprised how easy it is to ... [ Read More ]

Surviving Day 1 of the Fed Up Challenge


For those of you who are already joining me in the Fed Up Challenge (and for those who are going to start the challenge a little late) I thought I'd share with you how my first day went. 8:00a.m. Lie down after shower and wonder why my stomach hurts. It can't have anything to do with eating 2 s'mores and downing a pile of extra marshmallows late last night because it was my "last chance" to eat ... [ Read More ]

The Sugar Free Diet Shopping List

The Sugar Free Diet Shopping List. Perfect for the Fed Up Challenge or the No Added Sugar Challenge! #sugarfree

OK fans of sugar, prepare for battle. Ya, I know I'm supposed to be all supportive and tell you it's going to be a breeze and rah rah rah with my pom poms but...listen, bros and brosettes. I'm not going to lie to you. If you're really a sugar addict, this ain't gonna be no fun. We're about to start our 10 Day No Added Sugar Challenge! You need to arm yourself with the proper tools weapons ... [ Read More ]

Impress Your Mother-In-Law Avocado Toast

Impress Your Mother-In-Law Avocado Toast - made with a hint of garlic - a yummy healthy breakfast! thekithensnob.com #breakfast #avocado #healthy

I'm pretty sure that my mother-in-law was impressed with me long before trying this toast. Yep. I dazzled her many years ago with just my basic presence. I mean, come on - it's me. I thought she was...ya know...all right. Totalllly kidding. She had me at hello. She is hands down the best mother-in-law a girl could ask for. Seriously I'm not just saying that because I know she's probably ... [ Read More ]

10-Day No Added Sugar Challenge a.k.a. Fed Up Challenge

Take the Fed Up Challenge! No added sugar for 10 days! thekitchensnob.com #sugarfree #noaddedsugar #fedupchallenge

We're less than 2 weeks away from our No Added Sugar Challenge! (also known as the Fed Up Challenge) Let's do this! Here we discuss the rules of the challenge. Whoo hooo! Am I seriously excited about not having sugar? After learning more about sugar addiction and the Fed Up Challenge, I started to take note of how often I ate sugar. I realized that I seek out sweets on a constant basis. Like ... [ Read More ]

Mashed Potatoes With Caramelized Shallots

Time for a new mashed potato recipe! Mashed Potatoes with Caramelized Shallots - so good! - thekitchensnob.com #recipe #potatoes #sidedish

I love me some mashed potatoes. I've made super duper delicious husband-requested mashed potatoes and I've made so-so mashed potatoes. It happens. Made them with garlic. Without. Repeat. I decided to mix things up a little bit with this caramelized shallot mashed potato recipe. And right now I'm looking for any excuse to caramelize shallots. Have you had them? Puhlease - you need ... [ Read More ]

Best 4th of July Recipes To Wow Your Crowd

Best 4th of July Recipes to Wow Your Crowd - thekitchensnob.com

It's July 2. Or 3rd. And like me, you're scrambling at the last minute looking for some swanky new recipes for the 4th of July BBQ Bash. If you're on top of things and already have an excel spreadsheet typed up mapping your recipes, shopping list, food prep, and what you're going to wear, I don't think we can be friends. Because I'm last minute to the bone. In fact, didn't you hear? Being ... [ Read More ]